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Я в замешательстве...

Холодный термояд заработал?
Холодный термояд заработал?
и продолжение истории.
Конференция и перевод на русский:
Публикация на сайте журнала ядерной физики:
http://www.journal-of-nuclear-physics.com/?p=360 сайт лежит, копия из гугла:

Там же англоязычные каменты от профильной аудитории.
Небольшой анализ здесь:
An Italian blog post by someone who has been following this since 2008 says:

"From what I understand, the equipment is tested and refined successfully for some time (at least one industrial building would be heated for years to nothing by cold fusion) and it's engineering is almost complete, is ready for large-scale production and to be used primarily in industry and then in civilian homes. For at least a year moving "rumors" by which was also overseen by the DOE (Department of Energy) and the DOD (Department of Defense) and the U.S. further tested to generate propulsion in one or more US. Navy warships. I will try to gather more information about the issues."


This is really an attempt to patent an experiment, reliably
demonstrating CF cold fusion. In a nickel powder, heated
and supplied with extra pressurized hydrogen gas. It is
packaged to retain and internalize any ionizing radiation
that might be produced while the excess heat energy produced
by the reaction is carried away by the water fluid.

Fusion is demonstrated not only by means of thermometry
but by the presents of the residual element Cu copper that
was not previously present in the initial Ni nickel target
powder. This indicates unequivocally a nuclear transmutation
of elements and therefore a nuclear reaction has occurred.

CF phonon drive -> is external electrical resistive heating.


(1)This patent does not describe a production energy device.
The nickel powder would have to be re-refined afterwards or
put out into the environment as exhaust. Of course a largish
amount of fusion energy may have already been extracted
before the nickel powder needs recycling.

(2)Cavitation CF has been demonstrated as requiring D
deuterium atoms an [2]H hydrogen isotope. If this is not
the case here, then it is new information. Scientists often
use fully deuterated systems as one expects the probability
function to be enhanced by using it rather then having
some hydrogen atoms.

(3)This device is almost identical to the BLP Black Light
Power Reaction /Rowan University Reactor device. Of
course, if there are no physical hydrinoes then there is
no cigar for BLP.


watch while at a few seconds around 4:20 when he
"accidentally" describes the BLP experiment.

Реакция на камент от изобретателя.Смущает его утверждение,что вера помогла ему создать реактор...
Andrea Rossi
January 16th, 2011 at 4:01 PM
Dear Mr William :
1- I am the inventor of the method and the apparatus.
2- You are asking to me to give away for free technology and know how. It is impossible, for obvious reasons.
3- We have passed already the phase to convince somebody. We are arrived to a product that is ready for the market. Our judge is the market.
In this field the phase of the competition in the field of theories, hypothesis, conjectures etc etc is over. The competition is in the market. If somebody has a valid technology, he has not to convince people by chattering, he has to make a reactor that work and go to sell it, as we are doing.
You are not convinced? It is not my problem. My problem is make my reactors work. I think that the reason for which I arrived to a working reactor is that I bellieved in my work, therefore, instead of chattering and play the big genius with mental masturbations, spent all my money, without help and financing from anywhere, to make thousands of reactors that didn’t work, until I made the right one, following my theories that may be are wrong, but in any case gave me the result I wanted.
If somebody is convinced he has a good idea, he has not to convince anybody by chattering, he has to make something that works and sell it to a Customer who decides to buy because can see a product which works. If a Customer wants not my product no problem, I go to another, without chattering or giving away free technology.
What I made is not a “Holy Graal”, as you ironically say, is just a product. My Customers know it works, this is why they bought it,that’s enough for me. We are investing to make thousands of reactors and is totally irrilevant for us if somebody or manybodies make negative chatterings about our work.
To ask us to give away as a gift our technology, in which I invested my life, to convince somebody or morebodies that my reactors work is contrary to the foundamental rules of the economy.
To convince the World of our product we have just to sell products which work well, not to chatter. If somebody is convinced to have invented something better or equal to our product, he has not to chatter, he has to make a product better or equal to ours and sell it.
Thank you for your useful inquiry,
Warm Regards,
Andrea Rossi

Я пока не бегу покупать GMKN,был уже и perendev со своими электростанциями на магнитном вечном двигателе и петрик и прочие непризнанные гении.Буду следить за новостями,думаю в ближайшие дни станет ясно входим ли мы в новую эру или просто очередные жулики решили поднять бабло.

Обсуждение http://balancer.ru/tech/forum/2011/01/t16309,7--opyat-kholodnyj-termoyad.6797.html



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17 янв, 2011 10:57 (UTC)
значит пора шортить Газпром на все!
17 янв, 2011 13:25 (UTC)
как-то странно звучит - типа работает, но мы не понимаем до конца почему

хотя в технике такие вещи бывают, но что-то сомнительно

а если вдруг да, то все, нашей экономной экономике хана:)
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